glaciers fireweed


The lady tour bus driver who recommended the product is like a zombie who is totally mesmerized by your product...she raved about the miracle lotion! She promised that I would be married within two weeks and that I would have to beat men off with a stick!

Nancy - Los Angeles, California

We are the folks that showed up at your shop in the limo all dressed up after we were married on Eagle Glacier. You cannot believe how people are going crazy to get some of your soaps...We enjoyed seeing your shop and enjoy your products.

Jack and Cathy - Saint Charles, Missouri

I am so much a fan - you'll hear from me often!! I have the softest lips and hands this side of Juneau, and you're a long ways off! =) I will be placing an order in the next weekend or so for several lip salves - can't wait to give it as just a little suprise Christmas present.


I love your soap! I love your Lip & Body Salve! Any chance that your salve will ever be sold in larger sizes???? I would buy it.

I ordered a gift soap sampler which I got in record time, and had a wooden nickel for a free salve. I received credit on my PayPal account for the salve, but when I opened the box, I actually had TWO of the salves. So I owe YOU money. Do we need to settle that up now, or do you want to wait until my next order? Let me know – either way, I’ll make sure that you are paid for the second salve. (I’m certainly not giving it back – I love it too much. I keep one by the bed, and one in my purse.) Thanks for producing a great product.

Teri Wilson

Chargebacks Department

Bought some soap while I was in Juneau a couple of weeks ago and it is fantastic!!! I've told everyone about it and have vowed to use no other soap as long as you're in business and/or I'm alive!

Terra - Annapolis, Maryland

I discovered your waterfront store when visiting during a cruise this past August and much as I love your soaps (they're great!), what I really remember is the friendliness of the staff in the store - we had a nice chat for about fifteen minutes about Juneau, the business, etc. That fact, as well as the quality of your product, is what made me decide to continue buying soap from 3,000+ miles away!

Charles - Brighton, Massachusetts

I have adult acne-prone skin. I have tried everything especially made for acne and nothing works. I have had good results from the Original Glacier Smoothie and the Fireweed I'm using Juneau Body. After using it three times, the blemishes and scars are gone. Great results.

Kathleen - Jamestown, New York

Nancy will love it! It's great to see Alaskans like you have such great ideas and it's especially encouraging that your soaps have become so successful. I wish you the best of luck.

Frank Murkowski - Former Governor, State of Alaska

I visited your lovely shop in Juneau last June and bought some of your wonderful soap. As I live in Scotland in the United Kingdom, can you tell me if there are any outlets in this part of the world for me to buy your products? My husband works on a cruise ship and he will be back in Alaska in May so I could always give him a big order to bring home! Your Glacier Smoothie soap is the best soap I have ever used....

Marilyn - Scotland

Wow...I truly appreciate this kind of service. Please never change the scents. They are all lovely. You have a great product and obviously great customer service also.

Peggy - Gibsonia, Pennsylvania

I love your soaps, as do all my friends. Reminds me of my two trips to Alaska and the fabulous helicopter experience on two gorgeous glaciers.

Suzanne - New York, New York

This is my favorite soap, actually there are a few of us in my office that really love your soap. I give this soap for Christmas, birthdays, and Mother's Day presents. I love it!

Amy - Kenai, Alaska

I met you guys a few weeks ago when I was on a cruise. I thought your store was so unique..We are going to use some of these soaps for prizes at an upcoming baby shower for my daughter! Thanks so much.

Jill - San Diego, California

I love your products- They are great down here for the wear and tear of the sun. You will be hearing from me when mine runs out. Thank you again.

Cathy - Naples, Florida

You all at Glacier Smoothie have such a sweet store and a great product.

Kenette - Quartz Hill, California

Your helpfulness and thoughtfulness has gained you a customer for life.

Carol - Las Vegas, Nevada

I bought your soaps at the Public Market last winter and gave it all away. I have been receiving pleas to send more! This time I'm going to save a bar for myself and see what it is all about. Thanks!

Molly - Juneau, Alaska

Please tell me how I can get more of your body cream. I was in Alaska this summer and purchased a bottle of your cream and I love it. I cannot tell you how many co-workers have stopped me and asked what are you wearing? It smells so fresh and clean.


Love your product.

Edith - Ocala, Florida

When I receive my box of soaps, you will be able to hear me yelling all the way to Alaska. Hip Hip Hooray. Thank you for being so kind to me in all that you are doing. I am so happy to be able to use my favorite soaps again. Thank you so much. My doctor even told me how good I smelled. It is your own fault...because of you, I have become a Glacier Smoothie fan and my body just has to have it.

Bonnie - Ridgway, Colorado

It sounds like you've found a product that is both unique and popular. I understand the patent process can be long and sometimes complicated, but it's a great step in securing your business. That's the kind of innovation that can bring great success... Best of luck to you and your family as your business grows.

Kim Elton - Senator, State of Alaska

We shopped in your Juneau store last week and have found the joy of your products...

Juanita - Texas

I love this lotion. We bought a bottle two years ago when we were in Alaska and now want to share with our daughters.

Mary - Eliot, Maryland sum it up, I love the soap.

Leon - Clovis, New Mexico

We were recently on an Alaskan cruise and purchased 3 bars of your soap. We absolutely love it!


...we were fortunate enough to have been able to experience a sample of your products this week during the Arctic Winter Games.

Scott and Cherie - Soldotna, Alaska

I love your "Out the Road" bath salts!

Debbie - Gilbert, Arizona

...this much I do know...I like JUNEAU BODY the best because it is the siltiest.

John - Juneau, Alaska order arrived yesterday and I couldn't be happier. I fell in love with your products after buying them while in Alaska a couple of weeks ago on a cruise. They are great for the dry Arizona weather I live in and look forward to many more orders from you.

Nancy - Arizona

Oh! I'm so excited! I told the clerk that I had specifically sought out your store...maybe that's what made the impression. I love your soap and I can't say enough about it. I let my 14-year-old pick out the scent because I didn't want the soap to be just for me. He chose Tough as Nails for it's subtle fragrance and everyone loves it. It really does leave the skin feeling soft and smooth. Good on you for getting the patent! Great idea! And I love the flannel piece packaging. I did love Juneau and plan to come back and spend more time. Of course, Glacier Smoothie will be on my agenda and I'm bringing a list.

Barbe - Victoria, British Columbia

Your soaps made such popular gifts I now want some for myself.

Joyce - Paisley, Renfrewshire, United Kingdom

I picked up several bars and body creams on my cruise last July in Juneau. I just love the way it makes my skin feel. I just ordered some online. I was glad to know you can still get your product.

Charnel - Tulsa, Oklahoma

My sister-in-law bought a bottle of Fireweed Fluff for me when she went to Alaska. Needless to say, I love it. I don't usually buy online, but in this case I had to.

Janie - San Jose, California

...we came back the next day and bought some of our own. I have since placed an order and am introducing my friends here in California to Glacier Smoothie. I think it is a great product. Thanks so much for your wonderful service and prompt attention to my order. I think you guys are great.

Helga - Monterey, California

And, I LOVE THE SOAP - I purchased a bar of "Gold Panner's Girlfriend" while on a cruise through the Inside Passage. I liked it so much that I want to give it as gifts this Christmas!

Teri - Atlanta, Georgia

We were at your shop in Juneau a couple of weeks ago and fell in love with your soap! Unfortunately I did not buy nearly enough and would like to do some Christmas shopping via an Internet order.

Diane L.

I fell in love with your products on a recent cruise to Alaska. Thank you for being on line to keep me in touch.

Nancy - Gilbert, Arizona

...I walked to this small store and bought some soap for my wife and two daugthers. I must say they were extremely happy. We ended our cruise and flew back home and my wife has since ordered more soap from you and her mother and sisters. Both my wife and my mother are fanatics about their skin and feet...

Mark - Texas

I am impressed with what you have done with your business.

Loren Leman - Former Lieutenant Governor, State of Alaska

Visited your shop in August while on a cruise. Love the soap, have to have more and also order some early Christmas shopping - all my girls will love it - Thanks for the great product!

Lyn - Tallahassee, Florida

...we LOVE your stuff we bought in Juneau...brought home for my co-workers and frends. They are LOVING their gifts! THANK YOU!

Denise - Torrance, California

I ordered the Deluxe Gift Soap Sampler and couldn't believe how quickly it arrived!!! Everything smells so clean and fresh and I know that all my friends will be as thrilled with them as I am! I will be ordering again in the future!!!

Teri - Atlanta, Georgia

My girlfriend and I were in your store last week. I wanted you to know I'm really, really enjoying the lotion.... I also purchased the foot silt, can't wait to get ahold of my boyfriend's feet to see how much of a difference it will make. He's in for a treat! Of course, I'll have to do mine too! Thanks for your hospitality. You were so gracious to us the day we were in there. I'm sure I'll be contacting you again for another order.

Kay - Mesa, Arizona

Silt soap is so Alaskan and exactly the kind of stuff I was dreaming of. People LOVED the soaps!

Lynn - Anchorage, Alaska

I just received my soaps and WOW, they are awesome, as is the body cream. The packaging is first-rate.

Jennie - Oregon

Your soap arrived today - thank you so much. What a great packaging job you do. I will enjoy the soap and they will make great Xmas gifts as well. Appreciate the service you gave me. Thanks again.

Arla - Whitehorse, Yukon Territory

....will be ordering soon. People that care like you do and reply so quickly keep me coming back. Thanks again.

Sandra - Hillsboro, Texas

After visiting your shop while on a cruise, we have come to love your soaps and lotions....

Faye - Birmingham, Alabama

I can honestly say that I have used many wonderful soap products and nothing comes close to this amazing soap.

Mona - Viking, Alberta, Canada

My wonderful family and I were on a cruise this past June and I bought the original Glacier Smoothie Body Cream during our visit to Juneau. I love it so much, I have used it exclusively and would like to know how to get more.....I absolutely love this stuff.

Barbara - Bodega Bay, California

I visited your store in Juneau in June and bought a wonderful spray lotion that I LOVE! ...

Kendel - Staunton, Virginia

You guys really went the extra mile! I really appreciate your responsiveness. My daughter actually got her gift in time for her birthday!! I really thank you all. Oh, by the way, I bought that one single bar of soap because someone on your web site said it was the best bet to fix a complexion. three days her face was beautiful. That soap really works.

Mia (and Lindsay) - Austin, Texas

I just wanted to write and tell you my order arrived yesterday and I couldn't be happier. I fell in love with your products after buying them while in Alaska a couple of weeks ago on a cruise. They are great for the dry Arizona weather I live in and look forward to many more orders from you.

Nancy - Gilbert, Arizona

Thank you so much for the soap that you sent me. I LOVE it!.....this is the best soap I have ever used and I am addicted to it!

Jacque - Anchorage, Alaska

You have great products and outstanding customer service. I never made it to your shop (no time after my cruise shore excursion) but my friend did, and she says your shop is an adorable little "cottage." I hope to make it to Juneau again and will stop in! In the meantime, thanks for being such a pleasure!

Racine, WI