The ONE AND ONLY patented glacier silt soap!

Do your vacation or travel plans include an Alaska cruise or travel to Juneau? Stop by "the little store bursting with Alaskan goodness!" Glacier Silt Soap® is handmade by a local family with smooth glacial silt for unbelievably soft skin. It's so unique, it has been awarded a United States Patent, a US Trademark and an Alaska Trademark.

Glacier Silt Soap® is made only in Juneau, Alaska, where glaciers abound. As these rivers of ice, relics of the ice age, slip and slide their way to the sea, a super fine powder of mineral-rich clay is produced. Every bar of Glacier Smoothie soap contains this silt which has been carefully harvested, heated thoroughly, and sifted by hand.

Glacier silt added to a quality combination of ingredients has a skin polishing, very mild exfoliating effect. Exfoliation is great for the skin as it removes bacteria and dead skin cells for a more radiant appearance. Fine Alaskan glacial silt combined with glycerin's ability to draw and retain moisture results in a refreshing bathing experience you will not soon forget.